1 Year Gamoanate Programs

This program is designed for the teams who want to change their culture and alter the ways they are working together. Where the top, middle and junior layer of a company or department can sit together and tap into the creation of their work environment.

There is not a fixed program of One Year Gamoanate. For each company or a team we tailor it together with the leadership and the needs of the client. But there are two backbones that we sometimes suggest:



Gamoanate Increasing your Leadership is aimed to increase employee engagement. According to

Gallup in a survey including 165 000 companies, only 15% of employees feel engaged. It means that

85% of employees not only are not performorming as they could, but also they are unhappy.

Being Unhappy Has Two Consequences:

  • When they are in contact with people outside of the company they don’t project

a good image of the company

  • The company doesn’t necessarily keep the best ones.

We believe that each company sits on the golden mine that is hidden behind

these 85% of employees and we help to find and exploit it.


Breaking Silos

Working Together and breaking Silo Mentality is the goal of this one year gamoanate program. Silo Mentality creates a culture in organisations where “My interests are more important than other people’s,” Silo Mentality for teams makes “My team interests more important than the organisation interest.” Silo mentality is not a danger, it is a limit to move to the next-level performance.

Outside the Silo Mentality, there is a strong desire to win together, the desire to be side by side, to support each other, without any confrontation, without any conflict. The team members go further together to achieve the common goal.

Simon Sinek considers creating Trusting Teams essential for success. Gamoanate Working Together is an excellent supplement to Top Management efforts to work together.

Program format

These One Year Programs are light and consist of 1-Day seminars every 3 months and follow-up meetings between them. For companies who want to

transform their work environment from bottom up and create connection between people. It is the simplest and most effective program to do.

1 Year Gamoanate Programs

“At the beginning of this year I decided to start going to GYM. Several months passed and I found myself struggling with the thoughts like: “I don't have enough time for this,” “I won't be able to go there after work,” “Do I really want this?” Still, my inner voice was telling me very clearly that I wanted an active and healthy lifestyle. After attending Gamoanate, I bought the GYM subscription. It's been only 4 sessions at the GYM so far, but I`m so fulfilled and happy that I managed to overcome the barriers that I had in my mind for so long and I'm doing what I truly want. - Dachi Imedadze, copywriter at Leavingstone”

Dachi Imedadze
copywriter at Leavingstone

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