We are empowering human beings in creating a life full of joy, connection and possibilities, for themselves and others


  Tbilisi. Sheraton Metechi Palace

 15-17 March

THE KEY is a 2 day seminar to open the door to taking your life in your own hands…

  Tbilisi. Sheraton Metechi Palace 

 22-23 June

InsideMyRelationships is a 2 day seminar for those who want to…

  Tbilisi, Sheraton Metechi Palace

 20-22 March

The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback is a 3-days team mastery seminar for…

  Tbilisi, Sheraton Metechi Palace

 13-14 April

InsideMyWorks is a 2 day seminar to set objectives and move…

Tbilisi. Sheraton Metechi Palace

22-27 April

InsideMyLeadership is a 6-day self-mastery experience for leadership team members to…

  Tbilisi. Sheraton Metechi Palace 

  1-5 June

A 5-day seminar of discovery and transformation that has shifted …

 Dates upon agreement

We support teams to shift from an individualistic mindset into a trusting team mindset, ultimately enabling…

  Tbilisi, Sheraton Metechi Palace

 13-14 May

Vision workshop is a 2 day seminar for leaders to make their vision inspiring for…


Over these 40 years, Leo Methodology has allowed thousands of people and teams around the world to become powerful creators of
Trusting Teams, successful organizations, fulfilling careers, intimate relationships, and inspiring parenting.