We are empowering human beings in creating a life full of joy, connection and possibilities, for themselves and others


  Tbilisi. Hilton Garden Inn 

 22-24 September

THE KEY is a 2 day seminar to open the door to taking your life in your own hands…

  Tbilisi, Hilton Garden Inn

 25-27 September

The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback is a 3-days team mastery seminar for…

Tbilisi. Sheraton Metechi Palace

6-11 November

InsideMyLeadership is a 6-day self-mastery experience for leadership team members to…

  Tbilisi, Hilton Garden Inn

 29-30 November

Vision workshop is a 2 day seminar for leaders to make their vision inspiring for…

  Tbilisi. Sheraton Metechi Palace 

 28 October – 1 November

A 5-day seminar of discovery and transformation that has shifted …

  Tbilisi. Sheraton Metechi Palace 

 25-26 November

InsideMyRelationships is a 2 day seminar for those who want to…


 Spring 2024

InsideMyWorks is a 2 day seminar to set objectives and move…

 Dates upon agreement

We support teams to shift from an individualistic mindset into a trusting team mindset, ultimately enabling…

My Life

My Life

Become the creator of your life full of possibilities, joy and connection


Stories of People transforming their lives

How it started

The Seminar is based on a unique methodology created by Sami Cohen and Claire Nuer over thirty years ago. Based on their personal journey, Sami and Claire shared how to change mental models and thinking processes to thousands of people in order to create a life full of possibilities, joy and connection


„Leadership program completely transformed the way I interact with my team, and the way they interact with me. As a result of our work, I receive more open and honest feedback, active collaboration and the full impact of a true team reaching its full potential. As a manager, it put me on a path to being a better coach, mentor and leader than I ever could have gotten on my own.“

Alex Pease

„I learned to move toward issues rather than running away when difficulties present themselves. I am having more direct, emotionally centred conversations with my peers, direct reports, and board members, which ultimately leads to better teamwork.

Beth Smith
Executive Director The Hyams Foundation, Inc.

My Leadership

Become the leader creating a new realm of possibilities for yourself, your team, your company and your community

My Business

My Business

Create a cultural change enabling people to work together as a great team where everyone leads according to its potential.


“Shell URSA ran at 99% uptime, 4% more than the historical average of the industry. Their production was 43% better than industry benchmarks; they even outperformed their own production goals by 14 million barrels. Over the course of a year, Rick Fox, with guidance of the LEO methodology created a trusting team that made all this happen.”

Simon Sinek, The Infinite Game

“As individuals, we have shifted from a space of needing to be right to finding the right answer, no matter who came up with it. As a company, we have made incredible financial progress. Our revenues, cash flows and profits have more than doubled and our stock price, over the last year, outperformed our competitors and the S&P 500 by more than three times. Our work with Leo Institute allowed us to focus on the things that mattered to grow our business profitably and not waste our time and efforts on turf warfare and interpersonal struggles.”

Paul Grinberg
EVP and CFO Encore Capital Group

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