Leo Institute is a self-mastery institute empowering people and teams to master their life, their relationships, their work, and leadership.

Being guided by a learning attitude, we share and develop a unique methodology through a variety of transformational experiences. The intention that drives us is to practice and empower others to make life happen instead of life happening to us. 

Over these 40 years, Leo Methodology has allowed thousands of people and teams around the world to become powerful creators of Trusting Teams, successful organizations, fulfilling careers, intimate relationships, and inspiring parenting.

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Sami Cohen

Co-founder of Leo Institute, Co-author of Leo Methodology

Born in Cairo, Sami grew up in France, studied engineering in Canada and is now based in Switzerland, dividing his time between Europe, the US, the Caribbean and India.
He originated and designed the LEO Methodology with his late wife, Claire Nuer, starting in 1982. She passed away in 1999. Sami has taught thousands of people around the world how to shift mental models, behaviors and stereotypes to build healthy and productive personal lives and professional organizations.
As an industrial engineer and retired CEO of a French company, Sami draws upon his extensive operational experience in supporting people to concretely implement the LEO Methodology tools in the workplace.

He has been a recognized Member Consultant of the Society for Organizational Learning (SOL) and a Board Member of the World Business Academy.

Sami continues to conduct leadership seminars in Europe and is working on books on the LEO Methodology.

He strongly believes and will convince you that Joy goes with success.

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Anna Cohen

Co-founder of Leo Institute, Coach

After a linguistic education at Triest University School for Interpreters and Translators, Anna specialises in Conservation and Restoration of archival and library materials (medieval manuscripts, incunabula and early printed books, engravings and prints).
Mother of three, she complements her activity of restorer with that of therapeutic support to families; Subsequently she specialises in individual consultation based on symbolic decoding and psychosynthesis techniques.
After having collaborated with the Swiss Leadership Organisational Learning for some years, she founded with Sami Cohen LEO Institute in Georgia and LEO Corporate in Switzerland with the goal to offer their Methodology to a wide range of people and companies around the world.
She is currently in charge of organisation, education and seminar design at Leo Institute, beside coaching and facilitation of the programmes offered by both companies.
With her coaching activity Anna accompanies people in their knowledge of themselves, in the discovery of their potentials and in their development with the goal for them to live fulfilling lives.

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Nino Kanchaveli

Community and events manager

Nino’s experience counts 9 years in governmental service as an administrative manager. She has been working with different International as well as Non-Governmental Organizations.
Her passion for Marketing and personal development led her to change the life and brought her to Leo Institute. Since early 2022, she became part of Leo team as the Content Creator for social media platforms.
Nino believes, that the human being is unique, because of the power and ability to create, influence and change the direction of one`s life.

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Anuki Burchuladze

Business communication manager

Anuki’s professional and working experience includes financial reporting, data reporting and internal audit.

She attended the seminar in 2019, which was her first step in personal development. After this she is actively interested in it.

She joined the Leo team in 2022 as a Business Communication Manager. What inspires her in working is the opportunity to show organisations the possibility of creating the culture, where each employee feels as a part of this culture and engages in the working process with a whole heart.

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Chiara Brunori


Chiara worked as a General Director in an association of entrepreneurs in Lombardy, Italy and continued as a Senior Project Manager in the European division of the same company. She worked on a special project dedicated to the people-based expansion and growth of organizations of medium-large dimension in Italy and the EU.
She took part in several Italian panels about the integration of the young workers in learning organizations and about the innovation of training processes in working environments.
Since 2019 she is a Leo institute`s coach and facilitator, and works as a project manager with a team of researchers of Politecnico di Milano – design area – on processes of Innovation of Meaning, leaded by Professor Verganti (Politecnico di Milano, Stockholm School of Economic, Harvard Business School).
Chiara is passionate about building and implementing leadership processes and organisational and cultural changes, since she is in love with the different cultures and with a discovery of the common roots of human beings.

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Ekaterine Papiashvili


Eka has mostly a business and financial background. She currently is a managing partner at a financial advisory firm – Cresco Consulting and also an invited lecturer at IBSU. Her prior experience includes roles of auditor in Deloitte, head of reporting in GT, senior financial analyst in BGEO Group and corporate risk manager in Bank of Georgia.

Since 2019 Eka joined Leo’s team and has been a regular translator for the seminar. She also is a coach and facilitator in training.

Eka is interested in development and progress in general. She strongly believes that human beings can change their lives and that changes come from the inside. She is dedicated to supporting others on their way to a better future.

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Giorgi Burchuladze


Giorgi has the background of entrepreneurship, business development, marketing, digital and creative industries. In 2010 he co-founded a creative digital agency Leavingstone and has been serving as a General Manager for 8 years. Company grew fast and exceeded 100 people in permanent staff and won more than 150 international awards in creativity and innovation. Including Cannes Lions, Webby Awards and London International Awards.

During this period Giorgi and his partners started several other companies in tech, education and hospitality. They attracted the best talent in their fields by their exceptional corporate culture and attitude and passion towards creativity and innovation.

From summer 2020 Giorgi serves as a CEO of Leo Institute. His main focus is on development and growth of the company that involves finding the ways to spread the methodology to touch more and more people as in Georgia, so on the global scale. He believes in the power of methodology, constantly works on his personal mastery with it. He is also Leo Coach in training since december 2020, advancing his skills to coach others and facilitate in the Seminars.

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Eko Chubinidze


Eko is a Consultant in Branding and Marketing Communications. She has experience of working in planning and execution of Marketing Communications of up to 30 local and international brands. In this field, her nine years experience includes both working in a creative agency, and also working as a Brand Owner. She was the Client service director at the creative agency Leavingstone, Marketing Manager at Galleria Tbilisi and Account Director at BetterFly | DDB.
Since 2019, Eko is Lecturer of Marketing Course and invited Lecturer for BBA at Free University.
In 2021 Eko joined the Leo Institute Coach Training program. Her goal is to discover and develop communication formats and methods, which will give the opportunity to more people to practice this methodology and create the life they truly want.

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Mariam Phashalishvili


Mariam is a member of the management team of the company Oppa. Her education started with Diplomatic and International Relationships, continued with Master’s in Business Administration in Free University. Since 2012 she has been interested in personal development, psychology and the fundamental laws of the universe.

She actively engages Kundalini yoga meditation practice. In 2020 she did her first Seminar in Leo Institute, after that she graduated Leo Institute`s one year coaching program. Today Mariam is a member of Leo Institute’s coaching team and continues daily practices on the way to creating awareness.
For her, life and self-development are integral processes. She has experience of many years in Management, managing different areas of businesses, consulting and helping people in self-development. The most important thing is that her interest does not slow down to discover and understand new and more easy ways to live in Joy.
She is very happy to be a member of Leo’s team and to help people find their true potential.

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Tina Kukhianidze


Tina’s working life is diverse and full of variety. Her experience includes very interesting research and working on companies’ strategies within the business consulting framework, marketing activities in the military-industrial field, Operational Management of Commercial real estate with an interesting team, managing the real estate sector of one of the largest holdings and participating in board of directors’ activities. Also soon after graduation she opened the shop, the first handmade Chocolate workshop in Georgia with friends. As she says, the experience she gained in the Chocolate workshop is very valuable, which helped her later years.
In addition to the business activities, Tina was involved in the International, Youth, volunteer based organisation. During the years she occupied the positions in the leadership of organisations, both locally and at European levels – she contributed in creating new, interesting opportunities for young people, getting to know Georgia for European friends, bringing young people living in conflict neighbouring countries closer.

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Gloria Morsanutto


Gloria was born in Italy with a citizen of the world’s soul: she loves travelling and exploring
new universes, within and without. After a composite education including a French and
Italian Baccalaureate, Gloria has deepened her love for languages by travelling and
studying, living in Italy, England, Georgia and Spain. She has first started to work with Leo
Institute in 2018 and is a Leo Coach and Facilitator and Feedback Collector. In the past,
she was also Community Manager and has collaborated with the Leo Team on creating
different seminars.
Moreover, Gloria is a singer and a songwriter. Her biggest passion is evolving each day by
challenging her fears and her comfort zone in order to unleash her highest potential – and
sharing her journey with all, be it through the Leo Methodology or through art.

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Sandra Passarello


Sandra Passarello was born in Italy, in a border region where she made experiences with diverse cultural weaves and where she started her research and development path, mostly through poetry and performing arts.

She approaches theatre and music, and through schools and master classes she becomes an actress, with a focus on vocal and singing research and performing work. She facilitates vocal expression courses and partecipates as an actress in several theatre plays, both in Italy and abroad. In the last years she specialises in musical readings.

Beside her educational and artistic work, she has always been interested in the inner development of the human being, as for her theatre is in itself a source of inner growth and self-mastery. In her journey through psychosynthesis, school of forgiveness, conscious educators and other precious teachers, she meets Anna Cohen and attends her seminars based on the decoding of symbolic language, and later Sami Cohen and LEO Institute.

She decides to embrace their path and trains as LEO coach, joining them with coaching and facilitation in the seminars held in Italy.



George Makaridze


“This seminar is for everyone who is searching for freedom and for happiness, who wants to be more delightful, more efficient and more determined in life. Who wants to become an upgraded version of themselves.”


Mari Nakani


“The seminar helped me to learn the very practical tools that allow me to be an architect of my everyday life.”


Levan Lepsveridze

Co-founder and Chief Creative officer of Leavingstone

“The seminar helped me to realise where my automatic behaviours are coming from, I learned how to manage them, how to switch it ON or OFF when needed. And this is a very beneficial process”