Why LEO?

In 1982 with my wife Claire, we started giving seminars because we understood that the personal quest enriches itself when we do it in group rather than by ourselves.

In 1996 my wife and myself founded Learning as Leadership in San Francisco . It is now run by my children and some friends. It developed nicely and kept a kind of boutique activity very appreciated by top executive of many leading companies and government agencies. Have a look at the client’s list!

We had during these over 20 years very few foreign executives travelling to attend our seminars in San Francisco and I regret that. Our program is very in tune with Eastern culture or philosophy more than most programs I know. It creates a very nice bridge enhancing the marriage of East and West instead of opposing them.

So with some international friends we decided to offer the methodology in other countries with similar and specific programs. We chose LEO as a name to honour our mentor. 

                                                                                                                 Sami Cohen

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