LEO Test

For a long time, I have been very active to succeed in my life. I worked hard at work and at home, trying to be a good father, a good husband, a good manager, a good son and a good friend.

I think I succeeded well – in my point of view – but I was most of the time in duty. I have seen many of my friends running the same way  to pursue what they considered succeeding in life.

When my wife got sick and she had a few months to live in front of her, this dramatic situation helped me understand the difference between succeeding in my life and succeeding my life. Succeeding in life is a decision taken in the childhood. This decision looks like this:

“If I don’t/if I do  ….,  I die”

The following test is designed to help people find their own sentence, which has very serious consequences on our lack of Joy and Enthusiasm in life. We hope it can help you, too.

When answering the following questions, it is normal to have emotions rising, they will help you make a deeper and more efficient test. 

The Test

Question 1

What were your worries and anxieties around 7 years old?

What would have been the worst danger then?

Question 2

What decisions did you take to avoid this danger?

How did you avoid this danger?

Question 3

What expectations did you need to meet in order to be praised, included or loved?

Question 4

List your accomplishments – up to now – demonstrating you deserve praise and compliments (in your work life, in your relationships, in the way you live, in your projects)

Question 5

Today, what are the projects/goals/dreams you are chasing in order to demonstrate you meet the expectations written in questions #3?

Question 6

Here we are looking for a sentence like:

“If I don’t …… ,  I die”
“If I do …… ,  I die”


The conclusion

This sentence defines your inner decision. It is usually so strong that it drives most of our choices in life, work, relationships, hobbies …

To identify it helps you understanding how much this sentence has allowed you to succeed in life, but not so much to succeed your life. It also helps you becoming aware of the costs and pains that it causes, to you and to others and that you are not living what is most important to you, to your True Self. 

You could also see that you lack Joy.  What is Life without Joy?

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