In a company there are
Invisible Forces, that everyone feels
but not everyone understands.
They shape the way the Teams Work

What are really the Visible Forces in organisations?

The big Offices, the Factories, the Capital, Patents, the Brand Image, things in the Balance Sheet, all that can be counted, all the assets.

What are the Invisible Forces?

What the Balance Sheet does not mention: how the People and the Teams Work together, how they interact. 

There might be two companies with equal assets. Which one will succeed and which one will fail depends upon how the Teams interact. Within each leader and within each team, these Invisible Forces are at work. The sum of the parts never exceeds the whole.

 The Paradigm is 1+1<2.

 What do we do?

For more than 30 years we have been facilitating teams to set aside their egos, step back and see the big picture – using a confluence of deep thinking, detailed processes, and change-enabling models,  aiming at coming to the essence, so that we can do the right things.

The Paradigm is 1+1>2.

A quick set of questions
to evaluate your team today :

  • Do your leaders ‘walk the talk?’
  • Do they collaborate cross-functionally?
  • How well do they balance daily urgencies against the long-term development of the organisation?
  • Do they hold one another accountable?
  • Are they able to talk about sensitive topics?
  • Do they trust each other?
  • Are they effective at working out inevitable conflicts and competing priorities?
  • How do they communicate?

LEO Feedback process before the seminar
will be effective at helping them to understand
what they can work on.
The seminar can resolve many of these barriers.

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