Team Mastery

Unleash your Team’s creativity and collaboration

This seminar is available to Personal Mastery graduates.
Teams are guided through a two-days team-building retreat
to apply their insights and momentum to their most critical business challenges.

This workshop and its Team Coaching are WITHOUT doubt the best investment you can make for Personal Mastery graduates

Two days – three days for larger teams – to make the most important Shift as a team: 

 Align the team on important goals  

Help them identify how their ego has been impeding them inside  

Have them commit on both the outcome, and how to reach these goals.

Give your Team the most Challenging Goals

If the goal is too easy, you do not tap into your creativity and you have little satisfaction with the outcome. If the goal is too difficult, your team will not believe that they can achieve it: it is as though you have No Goal! 

 We shall support you in the delicate process of choosing the most Challenging Goals for your team. 

The most Challenging Goals are achievable

Challenging Goals are not always discussed to the point of an actual buy-in: we shall support you get there. 

The barriers of our Ego: 

 The most challenging and astonishing goals are achievable when the team functions Ego Free. This is the reason why we help each team member identify his or her main ego behavior that is a barrier to achieving the goals. Each team member then commits – with consequences when the commitment is not respected – to not be at the mercy of that behavior and actually sign up for this agreement. 

Team Coaching

Once a month – or once in six weeks – a coach supports the team to follow through and take stock on how they are keeping their commitment on their essential projects and their counterproductive behavior/s. 

 The Team Leader can be trained to do the Team Coaching if he/she is participating in the One-Year Program. 


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