Lead from your Best Self

Master how you respond to Life Chaos and Challenges

You have a lot of strength as a leader — and yet, sometimes you react poorly. 

 Instead of empowering someone, you take charge aggressively and even rudely. Worse, you may bristle with anger instead of listening, and withdraw when you could contribute. 

 You know these tendencies get in your way, but they seem like hard-wired personality traits. Although these behaviors cannot be wished or willed away, they are learned—and need to be unlearned. 

 At the Personal Mastery Seminar, we facilitate you to identify and work through the root cause/s of your counterproductive behaviors.  And sharpen your sense of what triggers you. And then, gradually, suddenly, you experience a profound transformational Shift. 

 One that you possibly thought was impossible for you! 

From Chaos to Cosmos

How you respond when life challenges you could be a true test of your leadership. Unfortunately, when you are dealing with the chaos, you could feel stressed. And when you react to the stress, you are often unaware, and do more harm than any good. Your unconscious ego drivers are driving you then. 

 In our Personal Mastery Seminar, you will learn to develop an updated Operating System: and reclaim a powerful new mindset that allows you to live the dream life you want.  

 Instead of being the one who inadvertently fuels the reaction, gets hurt, and goes berserk, we learn to rise above the fray and focus on our needs and wants and goals, our conversations and our relationships. 

The difference between our two Personal Mastery Programs: InsideMyself and ConsciousLeader

  InsideMyself and ConsciousLeader programs are intended for your personal life and for your business life. Goal and methodology do not differ.

  The difference comes from the focus. InsideMyself is focused on personal relationships and life problems while ConsciousLeader is more oriented on business needs like giving-receiving feedback, goal and key results setting, even though in both we cover these two aspects of our life.   


After having received your LEO feedback, answered our questionnaire, your coach will support you in the seminar to tailor our comprehensive self-reflection methodology to your needs. You will generate in-depth, personal self-awareness of what makes you tick, why you react — and how to show up differently. You surface these realizations with a diverse group of leaders forging their own insights, which gives you a non-threatening environment to grapple with your developmental needs.


LEO Feedback and Online Questionnaire

Having a LEO Feedback will help you find your blind spots and go to your next level. If for budget reasons you decide to do the Self-Assessment, we provide you with the questions to conduct it by yourself and still ensure that you do have a decent preparation for the workshop.


5-6 days  Seminar

Know yourself and others better. Become aware of your triggers and unproductive habits, and trace those back to their root cause/s. Acquire the tools to overcome your de-railers, and practice leading from your Noble Goal. This seminar is an unexpected and profound journey to Personal Mastery.


After the  Seminar

You will be able to choose the follow up that best suits you and your budget. It will help you translate your insights into day-to-day change because back home things tend to return to earlier defaults. Your coach will support and challenge you  as you work on your Noble Goal, and your Areas For Improvement.

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