Leo Feedback

Often the consequences of our behavioural patterns stay not acknowledged, unseen by us. But many times these kinds of behaviours that are driven from the unconscious mechanisms of our system, cause costs and pains for people around us and for ourselves. People around us know and feel, but as the matter of fact, we are not aware. This is called the blind spots.

Our 360 feedback process implies deep interviews with people from work and private life. The interviews are conducted anonymously. Report is delivered by a Leo coach within several sessions verbally. The goal is to reveal aspects of life that were blind spots before and to support a participant to decide what the next step in their development should be.

It is recommended to conduct this process before taking the seminar, as a preparation part.


Leo Feedback

“At the beginning of this year I decided to start going to GYM. Several months passed and I found myself struggling with the thoughts like: “I don't have enough time for this,” “I won't be able to go there after work,” “Do I really want this?” Still, my inner voice was telling me very clearly that I wanted an active and healthy lifestyle. After attending Gamoanate, I bought the GYM subscription. It's been only 4 sessions at the GYM so far, but I`m so fulfilled and happy that I managed to overcome the barriers that I had in my mind for so long and I'm doing what I truly want. - Dachi Imedadze, copywriter at Leavingstone”

Dachi Imedadze
copywriter at Leavingstone

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