LEO Basics

Learn the Basics of LEO Methodology

Start your Journey with our basic workshop

§  What we noticed is that every manager needs to master the art of listening. You will get an appropriate tool to improve your listening skills. 

§  Have a larger perspective on human dynamics. The seminar will help you know yourselves and others better. You will become less reactive and more constructive (even if you already are).

Learn the Basics of LEO Methodology to be able to creating your life rather than being at the mercy of events and emotions

  There are situations and discussions that trigger your emotions and often you don’t know how to respond properly.

  You sometimes lash out or shut up but neither attitudes are constructive, still you don’t know better.

  This 2-days workshop will teach you a wonderful tool to face these situations.

Give yourself the most Challenging Goals

  The most challenging and astonishing goals are achievable when your ego is not in the way. 

  If the goal is too easy, you do not tap into your creativity and you have little satisfaction with the outcome. If the goal is too difficult, you don’t believe that you can achieve it, it is as though you had No Goal! 

As you know the main barriers come from your ego

  We believe that the most challenging goals are always achievable.

   The barrier comes from our ego.With LEO Basics you can start the Journey of freeing yourself from your ego’s constraints. 

  Then, if you like the Methodology, the following step is attending InsideMyself seminar.


Basics Follow Up

  A Follow Up program is available to go further. 

  It allows you to practice with a coach the tools you have learned in LEO Basics:  four 1h30 sessions over a period of two months within a group of  4-7 participants to experience and share together the Journey.

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