Because life only happens NOW

How much time do you spend in fear of the future or regret about the past?

Our mind constantly makes analysis of the past and projections of the future to keep us safe. By doing so, it steals our experience of the present. 

This seminar is specially designed only for those who attended InsideMyself and have already gained awareness of their unconscious mechanism through Leo Methodology. 

Being in presence is not something you master with one or even several seminars, but insideNOW is the strong foundation to learn to live in the moment and be in the flow towards the goal of life you want to create.

Prerequisite of this seminar is InsideMyself

Seminar format

The seminar takes place during 5 consecutive days. It includes an individual work in a group setting dynamic driven by the power of collective intelligence. Some activities are done all together, while some exercises are depended in small groups under the guidance of a coach, or in pairs.

Next Seminar

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 750 EURO For Individuals
  750 EURO + VAT For Organisations
  Tbilisi, Georgia. Sheraton Metechi Palace