InsideMyself is a foundational seminar in Leo Methdology, which supports individuals in creating the lives they truly desire by helping them gain self-awareness and reconnect with the powerful Creator inside.

During the seminar, we discover the unconscious mechanism that rules over our mental processes as well as our behavioural patterns, and we observe the costs and pains of letting it lead. Starting from this awareness, we then experience the transformation lever: the state where joy and creation start. The second part of the seminar allows us to see what we want to create in our professional lives, in our relationships and in any other domain.

The seminar takes place during 5 consecutive days. It consists of individual work in a group setting dynamic, driven by the power of collective intelligence. Some activities are done all together, while some exercises are done in pairs and others in small groups guided by a Leo Coach.


Because this seminar is all about discovering and experiencing what we truly want, beyond the dozens of “should,” “have to” and “need” which usually run our life at every moment.

The seminar is an exceptionally interesting experience for everyone, but it becomes life-changing when we make it a source of transformation through our genuine desire and goal.

People come to the seminar with different goals, such as:

  • Improve my personal relationships
  • Understand myself better
  • Actively move forward in my professional life
  • Gain harmony and energy in my daily life
  • Learn to manage stress and enjoy everyday life more

The InsideMyself adventure is a completely different experience for every participant, as it corresponds to the needs and readiness of each one of them. While the core aim of the seminar is to start creating the life we desire, participating in it inherently brings empathy and connection to our human relationships and the realm of possibilities in one’s life. As a result,participants usually notice that their lives have become lighter and more joyful, and that they have achieved their goals…


Leo Methodology was born as a result of Claire Nuer’s fatal health diagnosis back in 1982: her terminal illness forced Claire and Sami to throw away the trivialities of daily life and to look for something bigger…

After a hopeless search for external aid, the couple was urged to look inside and to start a self-mastery journey with the guidance of Leo, who became their lifelong mentor. Surprisingly, they discovered that the path they were now walking on was also the deterrent force against the disease. Instead of the few months prognosticated by doctors, Claire lived 17 years. She literally created her life, which became a huge inspiration to put their experiences and discoveries into a seminar format. Sami and Claire shared how to change mental models and thinking processes with thousands of people, so that they could learn to be the creators of their lives, filling them with possibilities, connection and joy.

Next Seminar

Next Seminar Dates: NOVEMBER 2-6

EARLY BIRD FULL PAYMENT: €1200 instead of €1500 

Price for organisations: €1200+VAT 

Location: Tbilisi, Georgia. Sheraton Metechi Palace