Coming Seminars Dates

The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback: September 24-26

Ego Box: October 1-3

Emotions Management: December 2-3*

*Ego Box is a prerequisite

When attended in team, InsideMyLeadership is a very effective team building program. 

Our research showed that success at work is function of improving and mastering the Five Essential Skills of the NeXT LEVEL Leader

We interviewed hundreds of people to discover the skills a leader needs to develop to become an inspiring leader. These five skills are:

  • Feedback (giving and receiving as part of daily communication)
  • Listening (as a way to communicate)
  • Delegation (as a possibility to grow people)
  • Accountability (without which nothing works)
  • Empathy (will make you retain talent)

A program that follows leaders to their NEXT LEVEL

InsideMyLeadership is a comprehensive 12-day self-mastery program to support leaders in their path to becoming an aspiring leader.

It is composed by an entry seminar to validate the decision of the leader to participate in the program. the entry seminar can be either The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback or the Ego Box  


a set of several two- or three-day modules scheduled every 2-3 months with a follow-up meeting in between. They can be attended separately or as a package. The package is composed by 3 of the modules.

The modules are:


Being a leader means going beyond what we were conditioned to be from childhood – we call it transformation.

Naturally, every leader has the necessary skills to lead and perform, but childhood-formed unconscious patterns can limit their full potential to embrace these abilities in the best way possible. 

At the seminar, leaders discover the limitations of their unconscious mind, understand the nature of their defence mechanism, and see their impact on leadership. Participants get to identify areas for improvement and growth for themselves and others.  

By gaining awareness through personal mastery and applying Leo methodology to these 5 key areas,  the leaders create the foundation for natural, joyful teamwork and outstanding business results.


Sami Cohen and Claire Nuer, authors of Leo Methodology, empowered thousands of people all around the world to transform their thinking processes and mental models, enabling them to take control and become the creators of their lives. After groundbreaking results among individuals, meeting with Peter Senge – MIT Sloan School of Management – in 1996, became the starting point of introducing Leo Methodology to the business world in the USA.

For almost 30 years, Leo methodology has empowered leaders to foster a culture of exceptional teamwork, increased employee engagement, and empowering leadership that leads to a limitless realm of possibilities.


The 12-day program consists of individual work in a group setting, driven by collective intelligence. Participants engage in a range of activities that take place in a group context. Certain exercises are conducted in a smaller group format, where each participant is treated individually and receives personalized guidance from the Leo Team.

Participants will work on the limitations and their impact on their leadership. In the latter half of the program seminar, they explore their unique way of leadership beyond these limitations.

Despite the seminars being individual work, attending InsideMyLeadership together as a team amplifies its benefits, fostering a strong bond and trust among team members. It’s not only a personal growth experience but also an incredible chance for leadership teams to enhance their teamwork skills and shape a brighter future for their people and the organization.


leadership package

The package is composed of 3 modules

Price for individuals: €2120 

Price for organisations: €2120+VAT 

Location: Tbilisi, Georgia. Sheraton Metechi Palace