Because creating possibilities, joy and connection starts from inside.

The newborn child does not have an idea about the essence of life. The kid merely experiences the state of being. When we grow, we start discovering the complex and diverse world around and society guides us to navigate it. The outer world offers tremendous opportunities while it also dictates how to live and what to do.

We all want to live a happy, meaningful life full of possibilities and connection, but what does it really mean for each one of us? While we have a huge awareness of an external environment, we know little about our inner selves, our true desires, and our aspirations.

InsideMyself is a foundational seminar in Leo Methodology, which aims to support individuals to start inventing the lives they truly desire by gaining self-awareness and reconnecting with the powerful creator inside.

During the seminar, one discovers the unconscious mechanism which governs the mental process and behavioural patterns and sees the costs and pains of letting it lead. From that awareness one will also experience the lever of transformation, the state, where joy and creation start.

InsideMyself adventure is a completely different experience for every participant as it corresponds to the needs and readiness of each one of them. While the core aim of the seminar is to start creating desired life, it inherently brings empathy and connection to human relationships and the realm of possibilities in one’s life. As a result, the participants of the seminar tend to notice that their lives became light, joyful and they have achieved the goals…

Seminar format

The seminar takes place during 5 consecutive days. It includes an individual work in a group setting dynamic driven by the power of collective intelligence. Some activities are done all together, while some exercises are depended in small groups under the guidance of a coach, or in pairs.


Prerequisite – InsideMyself

The program is designed to support InsideMyself participants to implement the new knowledge, tools, and techniques gained during the seminar. The course includes 6 online meetings with a coach in small groups for a three months period. Participants are instructed to practise different tools each week. 



“InsideMyself helped me to change the attitude towards difficulties and perceive them as challenges to learn and develop”.

Tamar Gureshidze

“I saw how my thoughts create the reality I have, I also saw that I have a choice and found the power to create my desired life. Now I know what stands behind my fears and how to deal with difficulties in life”.

Sopo Varamashvili

Next Seminar

 December 7-11
1500 EURO For Individuals
1500 EURO + VAT For Organisations
  Tbilisi, Georgia. Sheraton Metechi Palace