Every person has the sun inside and we can learn how to Gamoanate (Georgian word, meaning: shine from inside)

Can you recall the moment of your life when you had a strong desire to do something new, start a business, go on a solo trip, tell a person you love him/her, learn a new profession, but then felt this desire fade away with your own thoughts: “What a crazy idea,” “they will reject me,” “I`m not good enough,” “I will not succeed,” “I have more important things to do now,” “not the right time for this” and many more.

Human beings are powerful creators, each moment we can create a life full of possibilities, joy and connection. However, most of the time we are entertained with the thoughts that succeed in taking away from what we truly desire, our energy, time, enthusiasm and courage.

Our one-day seminar Gamoanate is designed to learn shifting our perspective from the influence of our thoughts, other people’s expectations and events taking place around us, into the resourceful state of being that allows us to dare, express, explore and make things happen, and this is not something you forget, it’s something that stays within yourself. 

Seminar format

The seminar takes place during 5 consecutive days. It includes an individual work in a group setting dynamic driven by the power of collective intelligence. Some activities are done all together, while some exercises are depended in small groups under the guidance of a coach, or in pairs.


“At the beginning of this year I decided to start going to GYM. Several months passed and I found myself struggling with the thoughts like: “I don't have enough time for this,” “I won't be able to go there after work,” “Do I really want this?” Still, my inner voice was telling me very clearly that I wanted an active and healthy lifestyle. After attending Gamoanate, I bought the GYM subscription. It's been only 4 sessions at the GYM so far, but I`m so fulfilled and happy that I managed to overcome the barriers that I had in my mind for so long and I'm doing what I truly want. - Dachi Imedadze, copywriter at Leavingstone”

Dachi Imedadze
copywriter at Leavingstone

Next Seminar

  March 2023
1000 GEL For Individuals
1000 GEL + VAT For Organisations
  Tbilisi. Sheraton Metechi Palace