Gamoanate Private Seminar

Cultural change – one person at a time, all together

We believe that any transformation in the organisation starts with the conscious decision taken by each person, followed by a change of an actual behaviour. Hence, for making the real difference, inclusion of each and every is essential.

In order to support organisations and leadership in this process, we launched a one and a half day seminar – Gamoanate.

In the scope of this seminar, the bigger group works on the change they want to see in their working environment and the ways to make this change real.

seminar format

One day and a half day seminar can include up to 60 participants. About half of the seminar will be dedicated to the methodology concepts and individual work on self-master – knowing the ego system better. The second part of the seminar will be dedicated to the specific need the organisation or the team has, the challenge that needs to be addressed

Gamoanate Private Seminar

“At the beginning of this year I decided to start going to GYM. Several months passed and I found myself struggling with the thoughts like: “I don't have enough time for this,” “I won't be able to go there after work,” “Do I really want this?” Still, my inner voice was telling me very clearly that I wanted an active and healthy lifestyle. After attending Gamoanate, I bought the GYM subscription. It's been only 4 sessions at the GYM so far, but I`m so fulfilled and happy that I managed to overcome the barriers that I had in my mind for so long and I'm doing what I truly want. - Dachi Imedadze, copywriter at Leavingstone”

Dachi Imedadze
copywriter at Leavingstone