Conversations with Leo

Conversations with Leo is based on a real story about Sami Cohen and his wife Claire Noir. They traverse Claire’s diagnosis of terminal cancer. Through a series of connections that the Universe seems to orchestrate, Sami gathers a group of like-minded mentors and advisors. Leo comes to him in this way, and together they begin the arduous task of healing Claire, first in spirit, then in body. Along the way, Sami realises that as the knowledge and actions Leo is teaching are helping his wife, they may help him too. Enlightened, he expands his journey—and his conversations with Leo—to find answers to many of the questions he has in his own life.

The book is available in Biblusi stores in Tbilisi, Georgia or buy online on Amazon

Life Beyond Fear

Life starts when you dare to let go of your mask

We are constantly anxious and worried about something – trying to attract someone or worrying about things that are not our business, nor our responsibility. Since joy and anxiety cannot go together, as a result joy leaves our lives.

With this book Sami would like to invite you to a journey – the journey of getting back our joy. The goal is not only to increase the level of joy in our life, but also to achieve the success in our material and spiritual worlds that comes with joy.

Fears and anxiety have their specific function – the function of taking care of our survival. On the other hand, experiencing joy in our life is impossible, unless we learn to go beyond the fear. Through this book you will open the door to Life beyond Fear.