What if you could see others
and be seen in a far better light?

What if, in your life, you could listen to yourself? 

What if you could hear your inner self speaking?

What if you could think in totally new ways to respond to your new challenges, letting go of your old ways?

 What if you had no more fear, whatsoever?

What if you could operate from a space of courage and intuition, commitment and enthusiasm?

What if you could stop all the in-fighting and eliminate and avoid the Silo Effects? 

What if people were not guarded neither posturing nor undermining one another?

What if you could inspire such members in your team?

Perhaps you dream to work in and create an organisation where its mission takes precedence and the goals are the priorities: not personal egos, past baggage, nor future negatives?


You know well that All Changes start with you, and is created by you:  

Are you willing to explore how?

Are you willing to lead the Change?

Are you willing to be a Much Better Leader and a role model?

And stop for a while, while getting more done!?




Select feedback partners from different areas of your life to offer their unique perspective on your strengths, areas for improvement and professional or personal challenges. The observations are synthesized into essential themes echoed throughout the different interviews. A feedback specialist then delivers the report to you over one or several calls, helping you make sense of the results. You work with your coach to integrate your feedback with your own self-assessment.


5 – 6 days seminar

Know yourself and others better. Become aware of your triggers and unproductive habits, and trace them back to their root cause. Acquire the tools to overcome your derailers, and practice leading from your Noble Goal. This seminar is an unexpected, profound journey to self-mastery.

One-Year Program

Over one year, we work with you each step of the way to break through to your next level.

Ego Free Leadership is not just about becoming a more effective, inspired, creative and authentic leader; it’s also about learning to create a context that empowers others to grow and to give their best. In doing this work with key colleagues who understand the same tools and share the same commitment, your capacity to create the culture you want grows exponentially.

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