Life Purpose


To connect the dots for unleashing the purpose of life

Every human being has a unique aspiration and contribution in life, but mostly we don’t have access to it. While we are limited by the past and governed by the unconscious mechanism, we struggle to see our meaning in life.

Discovering the purpose is the most precious gift one can have in life, but unfortunately there is no recipe to find it. Like it is not possible to open a flower by pulling on the petals, we are not able to find our life purpose by forcing it to appear. In reality, it’s always there with us and shows up itself when we clear the space for it.

The goal of the seminar is to support individuals to unleash their life purposes and start walking towards them.

We used to think that life purpose is a specific dimension or a destination to reach, while truly it is a direction. When we are aligned with our true meaning and walk towards it, we experience joy and create possibilities along the way. The real meaning manifests in many regards and mostly it guides the way of being, the way we interact and act in life.

Prerequisites: L1, L2, L3

Seminar format

The seminar takes place during 5 consecutive days. It includes an individual work in a group setting dynamic driven by the power of collective intelligence. Some activities are done all together, while some exercises are depended in small groups under the guidance of a coach, or in pairs.

Next Seminar

Next Seminar Dates: 12-15 December 

Price for individuals: €900 

Price for organisations: €900+VAT 

Location: RESIDENTIAL, Georgia.