LEO Feedback

Fully grasp the impact of your strengths and weaknesses

Move from I should improve to I’m inspired to grow

A Unique Approach

Many 360° feedback processes are limited to generic written surveys designed to evaluate a set of pre determined competencies, neglecting the human element. 

Our approach is unique as it does not evaluate or judge you.  

Our highly personalised and in depth Feedback process is better able to convey your specific strengths and contributions,  your most crucial personal and professional challenges, technical’s skill gaps and behavioral areas for improvement.

 It helps you be aware of things you don’t know about yourself that other people know. The observations are synthesized into essential themes echoed throughout the different interviews.  

 A feedback specialist then delivers the report to you over one or several calls, helping you make sense of the results.  

Two different kinds of Feedbacks

Two specific 360° Feedback with two different scopes, one oriented towards your personal life – the 360 Feedback – and one towards your work life – the Executive 360 Feedback. 

 Carefully select your feedback partners from different areas of your life to offer you their unique perspective on your strengths, on areas for improvement and business or personal challenges, using our unique Feedback Interview Process.  

On Boarding


Feedback Delivery

Select your LEO Feedback

LEO Feedback for individuals

Our unique approach will help you realize things other people around you don’t appreciate in the relationship with you. They sometimes tell you about it but very rarely they express the intensity of their discomfort. The goal is to open you up to new and fertile areas to improve your relationships.

For the 360° Feedback we usually interview 4 to 6 Feedback Partners.

Executive LEO Feedback for business leader

Hundreds of senior leaders from dozens of organizations have found our Executive 360º Feedback to be a wonderful ally in  developing leaders to their next level. Our unique approach will help you realize things other people know about you that you don’t. We all have unconscious counter-productive behaviors, identifying them will help you become a much better leader.

For the Executive 360° Feedback we usually interview 8 to 10 Feedback Partners.

Unique Collection Process

Personalized Analysis

  • Our Coaches spend individualized up-front time with you to help you articulate your own self-assessment, potential blind spots, and determine what information will be the most useful for you to discover about yourself.
  • Rather than using multiple-choice questionnaires, our trained interviewers conduct phone calls with each of your Feedback Partners, during which they tailor open-ended questions designed to search for and capture feedback that is specific, clear and relevant to your needs.
  • Beyond simply revealing your areas for improvement, we identify where and how these growth-opportunities play out in your life on a daily basis—personally and professionally. We also begin to uncover the root causes of these limiting behaviors and their impact on others, providing you with more leverage for change.
  • In addition to exploring your individual areas for improvement, we address organizational challenges and team dynamics to help you better understand how you contribute to them.

Unique FEEDBACK Delivery

Empathetic, Direct & Constructive

  • Our goal is that you be an active partner in receiving and using your feedback. Rather than simply creating a compilation of interviews, we synthesize the feedback into key behavioral themes, including relevant examples, and then share it with you over the phone helping you process the information.
  • Our empathetic yet direct debrief supports you in places where you may be particularly sensitive to the feedback, greatly enhancing your understanding & ownership of the content.
  • You and your coach review your feedback to determine practices and action steps that will aid in your development as a leader.
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