The New Leader

Deeply anchor the Ego Free Leadership in Your life

[L]eadership education had to probe deeply into the underlying problems of leadership and that these problems, properly identified, would prove to be indistinguishable from fundamental problems of life. ~ James March

This One-Year Dense Engagement is designed for who cares about Ego Free Leadership and wants to deeply anchor it-

Be your Best Self

You end up attending an hour-long meeting, and you really think that this one could have been completed well in just five minutes, and ask yourself why we got so sidetracked by our egos, our need to win, to be right, or to shine.

This One Year Program is about functioning in a different dimension. The dimension of What is Essential.

And will support your dream of building teams that align towards the organisational goals while performing ego free and with enthusiasm. And of course, It All Starts with You!

What Matters most

No one would like to reflect back on their life and regret that they squandered their energy.

Many leaders today feel stressed by a never-ending treadmill of deliverables—while simultaneously worrying they aren’t spending their time on what matters most. While it feels like the outside world is doing this to us, our ego is actually actively involved.

In this program, you will learn how your zones of discomfort imperceptibly hijack your prioritization and to develop both greater impact and peace of mind in your professional and personal life.


Over one year, we work with you each step of the way to break through to your next level.

Create a Context that unleashes Everyone´s Full Potential

Ego Free Leadership is not only about becoming a more effective, inspired, creative and authentic leader: it’s also about learning to create a context that empowers others to grow and to deliver the outcomes that have been decided consensually.

In doing this work with key colleagues who understand the same language and tools and share the same commitment, your capacity to create the culture you want grows exponentially.

As you change how you operate together, your key relationships will motivate and energize you in return, creating a virtuous cycle of productivity and inspiration.


Over a year, your coach will work with you each step of the way to break through to your next level  by guiding you to integrate your feedback, working  with you in each seminar to tailor it to your specific needs, and supporting you either through the follow up or bi-weekly calls to apply your insights to your real life challenges. This powerful combination of feedback, seminars, and ongoing coaching will allow you to make irreversible improvements.


LEO Feedback

Our unique Feedback is based on interviews and gives you a powerful, detailed synthesis of how you are perceived and how you impact those around you. Your coach carefully guides you through integrating the feedback and helps you build a clear vision of your key areas for improvement.


Conscious Leader seminar

The Conscious Leader is a 6-day seminar to know yourself and others better. You will discover your blind spots, your triggers and unproductive unconscious habits and learn to Shift. Trace them back to their root cause. Acquire the tools to overcome your derailers, and practice leading from your Noble Goal.

This seminar is an unexpected, profound journey to self-mastery.


Follow Up

.After the seminar we organise a follow up to practice the tools learnt in the Conscious Leader seminar. 8 meetings 1h1/2 long. Groups of 4-6 participants gather with a coach every 2-3 weeks two share about a specific tool they practiced..


Communication Workshop

In the 2-day Communication Workshop we cover the different types of delicate communication:
for each we examine the traps to avoid and do practical exercises, to train.



Ten individual sessions of private coaching will support you with your project.

You will have ten sessions with your coach to realise the project your brought with you.



One day to gather and look at the year's achievements. Take stock of your Next Level and conclude this one year process.


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