The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback is a 3-day seminar for an effective exploration of how communication can be INSPIRING. Every communication is a feedback. 

Leo Institute does not consider communication or feedback as being positive or negative but rather is it INSPIRING or DEMOTIVATING.

We will learn and experiment giving and receiving feedback that give the desire to improve and grow.

Attending in team significantly enhances team cohesion and productivity. By letting go of what prevents them from giving and receiving feedback in a way that contributes to growth and inspiration, participants foster a feedback culture mindset.

as a leader, Why explore my ego?

Worldwide 79% of employees are not engaged and don’t like their job. Studies shoe that the main reason is their relationship with their direct supervisor.

At Leo Institute we believe that it is not the supervisor the problem, it is his or her ego. We will explore its implication in:

  • Positive Feedback;
  • Negative Feedback;
  • Feedback with “Red Line”.

Who will benefit the most from this seminar

The seminar is designed in a way that allows participants to practise giving and receiving the feedback during these 3 days. That’s why it will be very beneficial for leadership teams to attend the seminar together. However, team leaders can benefit from attending individually also.

Feedback culture in the team encourages:

– Expressing of needs and worries openly by team members toward each other;

– Tasks are delegated with support

– Increased employee engagement;

– Motivated team members;

– Friendly culture with borders in the team;

– Improved individual performance;

– People grow professionally;

– Reducing errors caused by miscommunication;

Next Seminar

Next Seminar Dates: 1-3 October 

Price for individuals: €780 

Price for organisations: €780+VAT

Location: Tbilisi, Georgia. Sheraton Metechi Palace